For those wondering about the entire process, as I mentioned it was very professional. After an initial phone call, we set up a quick in person meeting to go over the role, and for both of us to get a feel if it would be advantageous for us to move forward with a phone interview. Shannon worked with me on what questions might come up, as well as sent me some background information on the people that would be interviewing me. After the interview, I received positive feedback Shannon and she let me know about scheduling the in-person interview, as soon as she had heard back from the hiring manager.

On the day of the in-person interview, I met with one of Shannon’s colleagues to further review the opportunity, as well as the hiring manager and process. This was very helpful in my understanding of the principals that would be interviewing me. After the in person, Shannon kept me informed at what was happening in the process, as further approvals had to be made from the company before they could send me a formal offer.

In the end, the communication that Shannon and VeriCour provided was fantastic. There was not a point along the process that I was not in the loop as to what was occurring, and what I could expect. Not only would I recommend both Shannon and VeriCour, I would suggest that more recruiters should follow their example.