Most of us are familiar with the typical in-office hire. You look for someone who fits the job description, has a good attitude, and will work well with your existing team. No surprises there in terms of what to look for once the interview happens.

But, what happens when we are all remote, we can’t meet in person, and a major job requirement is the ability to work independently from home while managing, say, a team of ten. How do we identify the candidate’s ability to complete work, connect, and lead a team? These are not skills typically listed on a candidate’s resume.

Here are some qualities to look for in your candidate:


The backbone of work, whether we’re remote, all in the office, or somewhere in between. How well does the candidate communicate with you and is it seamless or problematic?


It’s important not only to be able to communicate well — candidates should be able to collaborate well and play nicely in the sandbox. When you are interviewing the candidate, make sure you include key team members so folks can visualize and understand what it would be like to work together.


Ensure the candidate can work independently, because day after day, they are alone in their office space. Questions to ask: What do you do to stay motivated and what’s your process for prioritizing your work?

Keep in mind that remote work is not just about working from a different location. It’s a skill and a mindset— one that you should consider putting on your job description. It takes ability to manage details/projects/programs/tasks, communicate, collaborate and create solutions from afar. It takes maturity, integrity and commitment to the organization. 

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