DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) is important – just how important? Well, according to Gartner TalentNeuron™ data, demand for recruiters with diversity hiring experience has jumped 800% in a little over one year. As the premier recruitment firm in Denver, VeriCour has received an influx of hiring managers contacting us to see how we can help them hire the best and to be in alignment with their DEI goals.

When embracing a new strategy to fundamentally change how you hire, it’s important to start with the basics. How are you as an organization thinking about DEI at every touchpoint? Has management embraced this fundamental business shift and the positive outcomes?

If so, keep reading. We’re going to talk today about one of the most outward facing elements that a potential hire could see — the job description (JD). The JD could be the first time they interact with your company. It could be a job description for a coveted, important role in your organization where you want to attract not only the best candidate, but to do this in a way that represents your company’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

How are employers doing overall, given the rise in DEI focus? So-so at best. There is significant opportunity for most employers to increase DEI language in their job descriptions and ensure possible candidates understand that DEI is a core part of their company’s focus. This could also attract more competitive candidates to your organization.

#dei dataOnly 19% of employers mention diversity in their JD’s and only 26% of company’s JDs highlight their commitment to DE&I. Definitely room to improve and high quality candidates to recruit.

Here are our tips:

  • Ensure DEI language goes into your JD’s. What does this look like?
    • Avoid gender-coded words, like “rockstar,” “ninja,” and “dominate”
    • Don’t have too many must-have’s. Be thoughtful about how this might exclude too many candidates.
    • Emphasize your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.
    • If you offer them, call out inclusive benefits like parental leave and childcare subsidies.
  • Take the time to see what other companies that you compete with for talent message their DEI values and how it informs their recruitment strategies.
  • If you need outside help to identify, qualify, network and locate the right talent, use a recruitment firm which understands DEI

Need help with your DEI strategy, finding the right hire, or want to talk the job description through with a highly skilled, top tier recruitment firm? Contact:

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